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obturations en composite      (2/9/2016)


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Mucine de la salive de la dent surfaces contre la protection microbienne cariogène      (2/9/2016)

Mucin of saliva from the tooth surfaces against cariogenic microbial protection. Large mucin proteins that have a key role in the host defense system.


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Orthodontic aimed at moving teeth on each side or have not done well or are crooked and irregular. To correct this problem with the help of orthodont...


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L'extraction des dents de sagesse doivent être fait à quel âge?       
Formed one-third of impacted wisdom teeth, height (between 16 and 18 years of age) can be used to p...
Quel est le meilleur âge pour le premier examen dentaire des enfants?       
Based on the recommendations of Orthodontists Association of America have all children at age 7 wit...